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Supernatural season 10 preview and TRXYE/Happy Little Pill in the charts THIS IS SUCH A GOOD WEEK


Chris on being in the harness for Glee’s “Old Dog, New Tricks”

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Don't you want the way I feel?
Don't you want the way I feel?
Don't you want the way I feel for you?

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"[Blaine] gets a lot of his bow ties from estate sales, a few from Kurt, his brother Cooper, and also” -Michael Hitchcock

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There’s Modesty and there’s Darren Modesty


'People always make me look better in drawings than I do in real life.'

'I have a pop voice I would never do musical'

He wrote ‘Street Musician’ on his Visa and was locked in a cell for three hours because of it. *face palm*

Me: thanks for coming to London
Darren: No No it’s My pleasure

This is actually directed AT Darren: